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Based in Bonn, Germany

Release date:
May 2017 (Episode 1)

PC / Mac / Linux


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What would you do if you found yourself trapped on an eerie space station with nothing but a computer? You play the hacker Alex and help your partner Sam uncover the horrible truth of the facility. Code 7 is a next-generation text adventure that combines a fully-voiced narrative with immersive hacking-gameplay. Gather information, navigate and hack your way through an epic, five-chapter adventure. It doesn't take long until you have to ask yourself who Alex really is and if your reality is really what it seems to be. Code 7 is a fully-voiced next-generation text adventure for PC, Mac and Linux. Episode 0: Allocation was released September 22nd 2016 for free. Episode 1 is aimed to be released in May 2017 with the following episodes coming every few months later.


Code 7 started out as a one-week, rapid prototyping project at the Cologne Game Lab. After releasing the game for free in 2015, it received a lot of positive player feedback and several award nominations. So it was decided to turn Code 7 into a full game with six chapters. It has received the Indie Games Play Award and was funded with Kickstarter.


  • a modern, thrilling text adventure
  • fully-voiced dialogue
  • gather intel, hack systems and guide the main characters through the network
  • a single press of a button can change the outcome of the story


Code 7 Gamescom Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Episode 0 YouTube



download logo files as .zip (2MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner Student Competition" Indie Games Play Paris Games Week 2016
  • "Honorable Mention" IGF 2017
  • "Nominated for Best Narrative" Indie Prize Berlin 2017
  • "Nominated for Indie Award" Deutscher Entwicklerpreis / Cologne, 2016
  • "Nominated for Indie Award" gamescom / Cologne, 2016
  • "Nominated for Most Amazing Game Award" A MAZE. / Berlin, 2015
  • "Nomination for Outstanding Talent Award" Ludicious Zürich Game Festival, 2016
  • "Official Selection" Indie Arena Booth / Cologne, 2016
  • "Official Selection for Indie Game Expo" Quo Vadis Conference, 2016
  • "Official Selection for Indie Game Exhibition" Radius Festival Vienna, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "(...) it really can’t hurt if a texty game looks as lovely as Code 7 and its intelligent, elegant interface do."
    - Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "...this is a true evolution of the text adventure, with intelligent use of the interface, excellent voice acting and a surprisingly dark storyline."
    - Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer

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Steam Greenlight
successfully greenlit in May 2015 steamcommunity.com.

About Goodwolf Studio

Goodwolf Studio is an independent game developer committed to creating games where the gameplay enables the player to uncover a deeper story. Its founders and members, Kevin Glaap and Zein Okko, met each other at the Cologne Game Lab where they are both pursuing their Master's degrees in Game Development and Research. Narrative games like "Thomas Was Alone" or "Tales from the Borderlands" inspired them to create epic, story-driven projects, and they began developing games together in 2014. Goodwolf Studio received the "Mediengründerzentrum NRW" scholarship in 2016.

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Code 7 Credits

Kevin Glaap
Game Designer, User Experience

Zein Okko
Narrative Designer, Game Artist

Jessica Carroll
Sam (voice)

Jack Luceno
Bradley (voice)

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